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Why Businesses Should Blog


To blog or not to blog?

With other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter having character limits for posts, a blog will give your business a place to show people exactly what you’re about. If you feel like blogging is a boring waste of time then these statistics will prove you wrong –

  • 70% of consumers learn about a company through a blog VS ads
  • 60% of consumers feel confident about a company after reading it’s blog
  • 61% of consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post that they read

If you’re still not convinced, here are a few benefits of blogging to your business.

1. Increases Traffic to Your Website – If a consumer has taken the time to read your blog the chances are, more often that not, they will click through and visit your website.

2. Credibility and Trust – The big thing really is that if you’re writing about the topics that matter within your industry and answering the relevant questions your customers have, then this will help you to get people to know, like, and trust you before they’ve even made a phone call or clicked a button to buy something

3. Humanizing the Company – a blog is basically giving your company a voice. Consumers know that all the information is coming directly from you. This also gives you the chance to use this to your advantage by promoting your products and also previewing your advertising to gauge a reaction.

4. It’s FREE – This is one of the major advantages to blogging. While sites like Facebook encourage you to pay a fee to promote posts to consumers,blogging won’t cost you a thing.

With blogging you can’t lose, so if you are still wondering whether blogging is right for you then the answer is clear –


What are you waiting for??

Just in case you’re STILL not convinced, watch this clip.

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5 Tips to follow when setting up a Facebook page

In today’s market it is vital that ever business has a Facebook page.  In Ireland alone there are over 2.2 million Facebook users and businesses need to take advantage in order to succeed and reach as many potential customers as possible.


Don’t get too stressed!

Don’t get stressed out about setting up a page, it’s easy! Here are my five tips that might help:

1. Create the Page – This may sound obvious, but when setting up your page it’s important to ensure you make it a ‘like’ page and not a personal ‘friend’ page. In doing so, you may risk giving people access to personal information whereas with a ‘like’ page you can monitor and choose exactly what people see and when.

2. Unique URL – It is vital that your Facebook page has a unique URL. This will make it easier for people to find your page. Keep it short and make sure it’s clear and simple!

3. Keep Posts Interesting! – This is very important! You want to attract as many people as possible to ‘like’ your page. Keeping your posts unique and interesting will help. People are not too fond of boring, repetitive posts and are likely to keep these pages hidden or worse, blocked!! Adding a bit of humour or using current media events in posts will help grab attention.

4. Set the Right Tone – It’s important to set the right tone with your posts. Posts can have an effect on people’s image of your business. You may be tempted to post about or comment on controversial topics but it is better not to so you can avoid offending any potential customers. Keep it relevant!!

5. Pictures & Display! – Make sure all your pictures are the correct size and fit for Facebook before uploading. There is nothing worse than having vital text cut out when there isn’t enough space!  If you have any queries about uploading pictures to Facebook, this guy has got you covered – http://havecamerawilltravel.com/photographer/images-photos-facebook-sizes-dimensions-types !

Those were my five tips,  now you are ready to go forth and


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