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Re-marketing – Useful Marketing Tool or Cyber Stalking??

This blog post is all about this phenomenon known as Re-marketing. I’m not sure whether this is a useful marketing tool or just cyber stalking!

First let me tell you what re-marketing is. When you visit a website, let’s just say meteor.ie, for example, have you ever noticed that after you leave the site and continue to browse the net Meteor keeps popping up and appearing? It’s almost like the website you were on follows you around online. Re-marketing allows brands and websites show ads to people, who have previously visited their site, as they search the web.


A simple breakdown of the re-marketing process

Remarketing is a tool which is a huge benefit to websites and brands but is it an invasion of our privacy online?  Businesses use it as a way of staying in contact with their target market and it is an ideal way to ensure they are reaching exactly who they want. Im my opinion it can be a good thing for us also to a certain extent, we get to see ads from brands and websites we like!


Here is an example of re-marketing that I have come across when online. ‘nopolka.com’ is a clothing website I have browsed through a couple of times from an ad I saw on Facebook, it now pops up all over the place while I am looking online.

Remarketing Example


I personally do not think that re-marketing is cyber stalking. These re-marketing ads only pop up as a result of you visiting their sites in the first place so they will be relevant to you and I think they are a much better alternative to the ‘You have won an Ipad – Click Now’ banners that you often see.

Here is a video explaining exactly what Google Re-marketing is –